Planning Your Event

VIBRANT TABLE’s creative professionals use decor, floral design, light, sound, food and drink to create amazing culinary performances uniquely tailored to our clients and their guests. Regardless of the size, scope or type of event, there is one component that allows us to get it just right time after time: planning.

Before we begin, our experienced Event Coordinators need to understand the purpose of the event, the personalities of your guests, your budget and, ultimately, the type of atmosphere you’d like to create. Once that’s done, we bring in the entire creative team to select a venue, develop the theme, brainstorm concepts and discuss menu, flower, decor and entertainment options.

Orchestrating Excellence

The execution phase of the event is overseen by one of our experienced Event Managers. Their role is to manage the timeline, coordinate vendors and solve problems before they arise. They work closely with wedding coordinators and any other vendor you’ve contracted with, to make sure everything is seamless. They sweat the details so you don’t have to.